OSX Finder Tab Merging

Since OSX Mavericks, Apple introduces the concept of tabs, as in modern web browsers, to the Finder app. This feature allows me to group finder windows by project or task and it greatly helps me in finding specific finder windows as I often have more than a dozen open all the time.

Moving tabs from a tabbed window to another is trivial. But I’d been having a little trouble when one of them is a single window, and I need to merge it into the other tabbed window. What I used to do was pressing <CMD>+<T> to make the single window a tabbed one, then drag the previously-window-now-tab over and then close the auxiliary window created in the process.

The process described above worked fine for me, but today I discovered a new way of achieving the same goal. It maybe is just a bit nicer.

Setup: Have one tabbed window and one single window.


Start by holding down the folder icon of the single window, and then drag and drop the icon to the <+> sign on the tabbed window.


Then immediately the folder of the single window is opened by the tabbed window. Now the single window can be closed.


The whole process is simply providing the tabbed window a reference of a folder to open, which means the folder to be opened could be dragged from many other sources. And it technically isn’t “merging” as I still have to close the single window. I have yet to find a way of truly merge a single window into a tabbed window.

Meteor: Publish Empty Collection for Inserting Only

I’m writing a meteor app and ran into a problem where I only need a collection reference to be able to insert new documents into it. I don’t need to read any data from the collection. I think by publishing an empty collection would save the effort in synchronizing data between the server and the client which would make the app more efficient. I couldn’t find anything helpful by Googling so I came up with something myself and so far it seems to be working just fine.

Here’s how:

(Code clip removed)

I’m simply adding a filter that’s always going to get me nothing. I guess I would never have attribute undefined defined on any documents, so that would work for me.

Hope you find this helpful. 🙂

Actually you don’t even need a subscription in order to insert, as long as the server side has the same collection defined as the client side. Didn’t know that.