A Better Apple Pencil Charging Design

The current Apple Pencil charging method is just stupid.

New design summary:

  • Wireless inductive charging of Apple Pencil from iPad Pro. This would require some way of attaching the Pencil to the iPad, probably with magnets.
  • Wireless inductive charging of Apple Pencil from a USB charging stand. Could be a inductive charging case as well.
  • For less portable use cases, maybe not used with an iPad but more like a touch(-and-pencil)-enabled iMac (Apple, please!), a vertical conductive charging stand could be viable by just adding some metal contact rings to the Pencil.

Resizable Sidebar with (almost) Vanilla JavaScript

See the Pen Resizable Sidebar by Xingchen Hong (@Zodiase) on CodePen.0

I only used jQuery to help find proper outer-width and modify them, which could be easily replaced with a helper function. Same for lodash debouncing.

This is a very feature-lite demo but the concept should work for many scenarios, as long as there’s a container in flex mode and not wrapping content, then put the slider in that container along with the sub-containers being resized and make sure all children have proper flex settings to resize properly.