Adobe Audition Project Cleanup Helper

Adobe Audition is a great software for audio recording and editing. While recording it creates more and more uncompressed .wav files and never cares to clean them up even though they may not be used in the project any more. As far as I know, the software doesn’t provide a built-in tool for quick cleaning-up either. With this tool I can quickly delete all the files except those that are actually used in my projects.

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This program scans the given Adobe Audition project directories and deletes unused files. Please make sure to backup your data and only delete your backup after verifying the clean up was successful.


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$ npm install @xch/audition-cleanup


Suppose there is a project folder at /some/path/foobar and the project file at /some/path/foobar/foobar.sesx.

$ audition-cleanup /some/path/foobar

Running the above command would delete all the files under sub-folders of the project folder that are not used by the project file.

You can cleanup multiple project folders together by appending all the paths to the command, such as:

$ audition-cleanup /some/path/proj_1 /some/path/proj_2 /some/path/proj_3

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