Project V.E.S.C

logo_512What is V.E.S.C?

You can use it to construct a skyscraper!
You can use it to create your own empire!
It’s a portal through which you can drop onto the Virtual Earth and reform the world!

V.E.S.C is a mobile app I’m developing that connects you to the Virtual Earth. You can build structures in the space station assigned to you using the resources you have, then drop them onto the Virtual Earth using your handheld device as a beacon. With better structures on the ground, you can harvest resources faster and build larger structures! You may also want to use V.E.S.C to find other players around you, and share resources with them to build amazing stuff together!

Sounds like another Clash of Clans type of game?

Well, we all love building and showing off our virtual empires, don’t we?

But, NO, this is quite different.

Why spend all of your savings just to “deposit” to your enemies base, destroy whatever you can and then see them “repair everything in a second”? That’s silly!

Why have limited space? I want to conquer their land!

Even if I don’t pay attention to my base, let it be attacked and destroyed over and over, it’s still there, I don’t even need to care about it. Isn’t that just boring?

Join V.E.S.C and fight the REAL WAR!

Share the one and only open world, no spare land for the weak!

Whatever gone is gone. Save it or lose it!

Meet friends and have close cooperation. Defend your homeland!

Have fun with amazingly large scale battles, giant cities and enormous war crafts that are formed by thousands of players.

Play your choice of role, whether it’s miner, manufacturer, designer, trader or leader. Be yourselves.


More exciting stuff coming soon.

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