Adobe Audition Project Cleanup Helper

Adobe Audition is a great software for audio recording and editing. While recording it creates more and more uncompressed .wav files and never cares to clean them up even though they may not be used in the project any more. As far as I know, the software doesn’t provide a built-in tool for quick cleaning-up […]

Material Design Lite for Meteor

check out at my Github

iNotiC – Tiny Notification System

check out at my Github iNotiC is a simple notification system I wrote to use in many of my projects. Demo: Since it’s really simple and tiny at the moment, I don’t have a dedicated landing page for it.

Javascript Set Race Helper

check out at my Github This is what you want if you wish to let something happen right after certain conditions are met with clean code. Example:

Javascript Process Queue

check out at my Github

HTML5 Responsive Digital Clock

Full-Screen Clock was made to meet my own need; I wanted to use one of my monitors as a clock that was easily customizable and nice-looking. The basic idea was that it would auto-adjust to fit windows with any size. Previews Live Preview (Open in new window) Stable releases will always be here: