Hey Sony! It’s not flat!

I just got my new smartphone Xperia Z (international version) today. It looks awesome. But as a perfectionist, I have found a few “itches”.

  1. The most itchy thing is the back panel. It is supposed to be flat. However, there happens to be a NFC badge on it, which makes a “pinpoint” there! I bought two packs of screen protectors, both of which include one shield for the back side, however, neither of them had a cut for the NFC badge. So the result is, now I have an annoying hump and a bubble of air there! I had to use another non-transparent rear side protector to cover it.

  2. It is water proof, but not usable under water. This is actually reported in many review articles. However, this phone should not be touching water at all. I’ve tried using a tap to pour water onto my phone and have a camera to record the result. The result, well, is terrible; once the water touched the screen, it got registered. Then more water got onto the screen, suddenly many finger touches showed up randomly on the screen (I had displaying touches turned on), and the water really touched things! Many apps were opened and closed and settings were changed, almost like the water had its mind and all those were on purpose. Anyway, don’t let water touch the screen, unless you like trouble. I can’t imagine what would happen when you make a phone call with this phone in the rain; it’s very likely to get hanged up by the rain. Also the speaker is almost not usable after the phone is submerged, not even when it gets out of the water, until it’s dry again.
  3. It hasn’t got supported from anywhere, so no accessories.

I hope these information would be helpful for any buyers.

Here are a few photos of my Xperia Z.


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