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Project “How does this wallpaper look on your mobile device”

So I was looking for wallpapers for my new phone, Xperia Z, and I had tons of trouble trying out every one I found and got disappointed by the fact that most images don’t look as good as a wallpaper as they are as a picture!

I’m aware that there are plenty of wallpaper apps that can “technically” find the “ideal” wallpaper for you. But I believe you know what you are trading for.

So I decided to create this project and hopefully I can finish it by the end of this summer.

What exactly is this?

It’s a website where you can test your own image as the wallpaper for any (supported) device.

You may either provide a URL to an image or upload your own, and the image will be set as the background of a device of your choice. Of course you can drag and zoom the image and make other adjustments. Once you are satisfied with your design, you can now put the image onto your device and be confident that it’s going to look perfect! 😀

What’s more? You can share your “design” with your friends with the link provided!

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