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Start working on U-Shout (again)

Well I made a proof-of-concept demo here a long time ago, but I really see the need out there and I think people will really like this, so I decided to make it into something more than a demo, a working thing hopefully.

The idea of the ‘You Shout’, or ‘UShout’ for short, is a special type of commenting service that allows you to post and see comments along with the video playing.

The whole project will be two parts. The first part is the server side program, which handles user authentication (I’m thinking of Google OAuth 2.0) and all the comment data (since I haven’t found a way to let Youtube do that :P). The second part is browser plugin for Chrome (firstly, and maybe Firefox, Safari and IE later. Yes, IE is for sure the last.) to modify Youtube pages for this service.

The code for the browser plugin is hosted on Github at the moment. I’m thinking about moving it to google code later if I see more benefits (I don’t really know what those would be, just saying).

I’ll try to keep my blogs up on the progress of this project.

Hope you like it. Thanks. 🙂

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